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Poggio Borgoni

The Salvini family bought the approximately 20ha of property directly from the Borromeo family, which remains the "family fund" until the mid-90s, when by the will of the Tuscan entrepreneur Paolo Salvini, the approximately 9ha of vineyards in the municipality of San Casciano in Val di Pesa - one of the eight municipalities of the Chianti Classico - are requalified and the small family village is restored.


La storia

Paolo Salvini, decides to invest again in the family properties, seeing the perfect terroir in the territory of San Casciano, redeveloping all the vineyards by choosing the Sangiovese clone most suitable for his property, a native vine par excellence of the Chianti Classico.

A great effort has seen the Salvini family committed to replant about 15ha of vineyards, creating terraces to improve the exposure of all the plants. Today in the Poggio Borgoni vineyards the present varieties are Sangiovese and a part Merlot.



We believe in the continuity and quality of the product, every year we give our best to have an excellent result, starting from the selection of the grapes before and after the harvest. Even the produced vintages are left in the cellar one year longer than the Chianti Classico procedural guideline, before being released on the market, in order to have a product that is as balanced as possible.

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